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"How To Plan And Create Your Perfect
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Learn From 30 Different Wedding Industry Experts

*Limited seats available. First come first serve only*
Dear Friend,

Are you a bride or groom that's currently in the process of planning your wedding?

If you've ever thought...

"I want to create and plan the perfect dream wedding that I'll be able to remember for a lifetime... but I have no clue where to get started!"

...then you might be stuck in Wedding Planning Purgatory.

Getting engaged is exciting for you and your partener! 

So what's next?

The truth is you can't start planning your wedding unless you have a crystal clear picture of what your wedding day will look like.

But that's easier said than done.

You see, planning a wedding can be a complicated process if you don't know what you're doing.

When thinking about your wedding you might be wondering: 
  • "How much time do I need to plan a wedding?"
  • ​"Will my guest list be big or small?"
  • "​How do I write my wedding vows?"
  • ​"Will it be an indoor or outdoor venue?"
  • ​"How do I organize and assemble the invitations?"
  • "Where do I find photographers, designers and decorators"
  • ​"Where do I find caterers, hair dressers and make-up artists?"
  • ​"Should I hire a planner or coordinator?"
  • "​How far out should I book my wedding services?"
  • ​"How do I choose the right bridal dress or gown?"
  • ​​"Where do I find a band or DJ?"
  • ​​"How much am I willing to spend and budget for?"
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of details to keep track of when putting your wedding together, and it can be stressful to even know where to start.

However, with my guidance I can practically GUARANTEE that I can help you plan and create the wedding of your dreams.

Who am I to makes such bold claims?
My name is Philip Boyle and I've been a wedding photographer and videographer for the last 12 years.

As the founder of Precious Memories, nothing makes me happier than helping couples make their day even more special by capturing all of those precious memories so they can can re-live those moments forever.
With your permission I want to show you how to not get hung up on the tiny details and focus on what’s truly important: celebrating the love the two of you share and getting married, all while surrounded by your friends and family.

You see, over the years I've come to understand that planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times because there are so many moving parts.
When you’re faced with decisions, lists, deadlines, and family drama to deal with, it can sometimes feel like things are getting out of control.

Your wedding will likely be the biggest party you’ll ever throw—and figuring out how to plan it can feel pretty daunting at first (and particularly so if you’re planning a wedding amid the COVID pandemic).

Because I've seen how intimidating it can be for couples to get started, I felt it was my duty and obligation to help outline the most comprehensive wedding planning strategy.

I wanted to help break down this large process and reveal the method to the madness so that any couple can pull off an unforgettable ceremony and reception.

So recently I asked myself...

"Wouldn't it Be Easier for Couples to Plan Every Aspect of Their Wedding if They Had the Advice and Guidance From Those Who've Done it Before?"

This question got the wheels in my head turning because I knew this would certainly help newly-engaged couples ensure a smooth and relatively stress-free process so their special day goes without a hitch.

And so, I started to think of the people who were the foremost experts in the wedding industry that would be the most qualified to share their wealth of knowledge.

Once I'd made my shortlist of the top wedding experts I could think of, I emailed each of them the following:

Hey, <Insert Wedding Genius>! 

I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer. 

Let’s say you had to help a newly engaged couple plan their wedding .

They're just getting started and are feeling nervous, overwhelmed and stressed about the whole process.

What advice would you give to help them plan and create the perfect dream wedding?

 - Philip Boyle

"I Wanted to Know EXACTLY How They Would Plan AND Create The Perfect Dream Wedding For Any Couple."

At first I was unsure if anyone would respond to this seemingly odd request… but then I got a response. And another, and another. 

As I began studying their answers, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

These were entire wedding plans, laid out step by step… 

It was like I’d struck gold. 

And then I was struck by something else… 

The realization that there were countless people stuck in Wedding Planning Purgatory that needed this information.

And I realized… 

"Every Newly Engaged Couple Needs To Hear These Plans."

So how do I get this information into as many hands as possible?

Then it hit me… 

"What If I Joined Forces With These Wedding Giants, Got Them To Do A Live Interview Detailing Their Plans, Worked With Them To Make As Much Noise As Possible, And Put These Lessons In The Hands Of Couples Planning Their Weddings?"

And What If We Did It FOR FREE?

When I made the suggestion, every one of the wedding industry experts you see here said YES. 

And that's exactly how I came up with the idea behind the Wedding Secrets Summit.

Wedding Secrets Summit will help engaged couples plan their perfect dream wedding with the advice of the most trusted industry experts.

As you are aware, there are lots of things to consider when planning your wedding.

By attending the Wedding Secrets Summit you are going to discover...
  • How to Start Planning Your Wedding...
  • How to Create Your Guest List...
  • How to Choose a Venue...
  • How to Organize and Assemble Your Invitations...
  • Where to Find Photographers, Designers and Decorators...
  • Where to Find Caterers, Hair Dressers and Make-Up Artists...
  • How to Decide If Hiring Planner or Coordinator Is Right For You...
  • When to Start Booking Your Wedding Services...
  • ​​How to Budget And Determine How Much To Spend...
  • ​and much, Much MORE!
*Limited seats available. First come first serve only*
Isn't that unbelievable?

Think about how much easier it will be for you and your partner to plan your wedding.

I want to invite you to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from 30 of the world's top wedding experts.

But you might be wondering who exactly are these amazing wedding experts?

And why are they partnering with me to bring you these game-changing lessons... at no cost?

Here Are The Guest Speakers For The Wedding Secrets Summit


Prepare To Meet These Wedding Industry Leaders...

Cabra Castle Hotel 


Couture Cakes 


Sarah Foy Couture






Life Events Councilling



White Cat Studio Photography


John McKay Jewellers


Forever Flowers



Prepare To Meet These Wedding Industry Leaders...

Belladonna Bridal


Vegas Nights 


Mount Falcon Estate


Occasion Cars


Body By G


Room Angels
Venue Decor


Benetti Menswear


DJ Daddy Mack


Ricky Locke 


Petalino Flower Bar



Prepare To Meet These Wedding Industry Leaders...

NY Organized


Bespoke Diamonds


Spot on Event 


Appleberry Atelier 


The White Room


Celtic Dance Fusion


The Event Stylists 


The Di Art


Quixotic Vacations


Precious Memories Photo & Video


Whether you want a small, simple wedding or a big, lavish affair, I'm sure you will get some golden advice by attending the Wedding Secrets Summit.

Remember, we’re asking wedding experts from some of the top minds from multiple wedding sub-categories.

There’s something for everyone in here.

When I thought about charging for this, you could imagine how high the price climbed. 

And the truth is, the vast majority of people out there would do everything they could to take this idea and turn it into a massive payday. 

But while most people are moving toward the money… we’re moving toward the impact. 

As I’ve already said, this is our gift to you.

I’m not trying to sell you anything here. 

The truth is… while I love learning from people who are ahead of me in this game… I’ve learned a thing or two myself after being in the wedding industry for so long.

And while I wouldn’t be sad to pocket a huge chunk of change for selling all this content… 

"By Giving Away Access To These Brilliant Plans Instead, I’m Helping Countless Eager Couples Equip Themselves With The Vision And Foresight They Need To Plan And Create Their Perfect Dream Wedding ."

But I'll be honest with you...

Free stuff is meaningless.

I’ve learned from personal experience that the more I give away, no strings attached, the more it’s wasted. 

People who don’t have any skin in the game… aren’t going to play.

They don’t follow through (if they even bother to show up at all). 

I want better for you. 

So that’s why I have to apply some pressure here.

For that reason, these interviews will only be available to you for 24 hours each day of the summit.

This summit is 3 days long, with all the interviews spread out over 3 days.

Each day has its own batch of interviews… and once that day is up, those interviews are gone… poof… bye-bye. 

Why am I doing it like this?

To force you to take action. 

This is the best way I know of to help you succeed. 

When you have that deadline pressure, it requires more of you… and the more that’s required of you, the more likely you will be to pay attention and then implement. 

So to help you implement these wedding insights, I’m giving you just a short window to watch for free.

During that 24-hour window when each interview is live, I want you to block off your calendar and set aside some time to study. 


Drink in the greatness. 

Visualize and plan. 

And, of course, take lots of notes. 

And then I want you to go and create your perfect dream wedding... just like you learned how to do by watching these interviews. 

It requires a real commitment on your part.

But if you can make that commitment, I’m happy to give you this gift. 

And then… it all disappears.

I can’t wait to see how you use the information covered in the Wedding Secrets Summit to create the wedding you and your partner have always dreamed of.

See you on the inside! 

- Philip Boyle

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